K2 Color Max | Color Compatible Car Polish

Color Compatible Polish- Restores Original Color – Protects Paint


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Color Max colored wax: Tint wax that restores the original colour and lustre of car paint. May be applied on both standard and metallic paints. Strict matching of colour is not necessary. 

Color Max
 revives the original color and shine of the paintAny irregularities can be effectively filled with the wax and let to solidify, thereby producing a smooth and uniformed surface. Most importantly, it contains carnauba wax and synthetic polymers reinforced to protect the paint for a long time.

Application: Vehicle must be thoroughly washed and paint let to dry before useSqueeze a small amount of K2 Color Maxon a clean and soft cloth. Apply wax in a circular motion on the paint. This process can be repeated as often as possible until desired result is achieved.


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